About multipliers (coefficients)

What are the coefficients x0.5, x1.0, x1.1?

  • х1.1 - unique card. The characteristics are 10% higher than that of the standard one. These cards were offered for purchase before the launch of the game. No more of these cards will be issued.
  • х1.0 - standard card. The characteristics are ordinary.
  • х0.5 - free card. The characteristics are 50% lower than that of the standard one.

Is there any visual difference between cards with a multiplier of x0.5 and x1.0?

There are two differences at the moment:
  • The frame around the card x0.5 in the game is "wooden", while at x1 it is silvery;
  • Indicator "multiplier" in the card information.
Most likely, in the next updates some distinctive features will be made for easier identification.