About evolution

Here you can learn how to evolve your cards and what it’s for.

What is the purpose of Evolution?

This act allows you to increase the maximum card’s level by 10 (i.g., without evolution, the maximum level of a card is 40, and after conducting an evolution it can be upgraded up to 50 level), as well as increase main characteristics of evolved card by 150% (compared to the card you had before evolving). And, of course, a completely redesigned look!

Will the card’s level remain maximum after evolution?

No, the evolved card becomes level 1; at the same time, there is an increase in its parameters (by 150%).
Example (Bogatyr x1.1):
• Level 1 (standard) - attack 310
• Level 60 (standard) - attack 776
• Level 1 (evolved) - attack 465
• Level 70 (evolved) - attack 1163

What do I need for evolution?

Evolution requires 3 identical cards of the maximum level with any abilities (meaning that all 3 cards can posses different abilities). The ability of the new (evolved) card is inherited from the main card to which you add 2 additional cards. FUR is also required to carry out the evolution. Prices:
• Normal (white) - 1500 FUR
• Unusual (green) - 3000 FUR
• Rare (blue) - 6500 FUR
• Epic (purple) - 10000 FUR
• Legendary (gold) - 20,000 FUR

What happens to the 3 cards used for evolution?

They are burned (literally). They cannot be found neither in the game, nor in the blockchain. No mint number anymore.

Is it possible to «reverse» the evolution and get back 3 cards?

No, since they have already been burned and cannot be restored.

Whether it’s necessary to evolve?

No, it's up to you. If you don’t need an additional 10 levels, and there is no willingness to increase the parameters by 150% (compared to the base characteristics), you can put aside the evolution and keep 3 cards. They can still be used in the game without any problems.