About abilities

Unity - your card deals 200% of the total race's damage against 1 target
Curse - leaves a trail of poison that deals damage to enemies caught in the path for 2 turns (equivalent to 150% of the race's damage)
Substitution - changes all the heart stones for stones of the race
Bloodsucker - attacks for 100% of the total race's damage and steals health from the adversary (by doing so, your character heals in accordance with the damage done)
Headache - stuns all enemy warriors for 1 turn
Vengeance - hero returns 50% of damage done to him back to enemy that launched an attack
Witch doctor - fills his allies with hope and instantly restores 10% of health to all friendly heroes

How to use the ability?

You can use the ability on your own on turn 4. Otherwise, the ability activates by itself on turn 5.

How can I change my ability?

You can change the ability an unlimited number of times in the Barrack.
The number of changes made is reflected in the corresponding attribute of the card in the blockchain.

How much does it cost to change ability?

The cost of the FIRST ability change depends on the rarity of the card and is equal to: - Ordinary 30 FUR
- Unusual 400 FUR
- Rare 3 000 FUR
- Epic 10 000 FUR
- Legendary 20 000 FUR
Each next ability change increases in price by 3%.

What's worth keeping in mind?

Odds of getting abilities are not "equally-random" and could be changed when the game balanced.