About Combat equipment craft

How to create weapon and armor?

You can create equipment in the Smithy using resources: 40 000 wood + 40 000 iron.
You can choose what you are going to craft — Weapon or Armor.
The rarity is determined randomly.

Probabilities and gain parameters:

The chance of getting a weapon/armour of a particular rarity is:
Ordinary — 93,79% Unusual — 5% Rare — 1% Epic — 0,2% Legendary — 0,01%
The percentage of the Attack/Health increase is fixed depending on the specific weapon/armour you have dropped and has the following range:
Ordinary: 1–4 % Unusual: 4–8% Rare: 8–12% Epic: 13–17% Legendary: 17–22%

What weapon/armour is available for crafting?

At the time of publication of this article, the following items are available for crafting

How to hand weapon / put on armor?

The procedure is carried out in the Smithy, only FUR is spent (depending on the rarity of the equipment).
Remove from a hero is always free.
By the way, you can repair it without removing it.

How much does it cost to equip a hero?

Ordinary 500 FUR Unusual 2 000 FUR Rare 7 000 FUR Epic 10 000 FUR Legendary 20 000 FUR

Does weapon/armour need to be repaired?

Combat equipment has its own depreciation.
Perfect condition has a value of 100 and is reduced by 1 point for using 1 unit of energy.
Unuseful equipment has a value of 0 and does not bring any profit to its owner.
Equipment can be repaired at any “condition” value, requires wood, iron, FUR and depends on the rarity of the equipment:
Ordinary: 3 FUR + 60 wood + 60 iron Unusual: 15 FUR + 300 wood + 300 iron Rare: 30 FUR + 1 200 wood + 1 200 iron Epic: 60 FUR 2 700 wood + 2 700 iron Legendary: 150 FUR + 4 500 wood + 4 500 iron

Is it possible to dismantle weapon/armor?

If a weapon is no longer needed (you have better, takes up extra space in your inventory, unusable etc), you can dismantle it.
Dismantled weapon/armour are burned and cannot be returned.
If you have a “condition” value between 0 and 99 you will get 0 resources;
If the dismantled weapon/armor’s “condition” value is 100 — You will receive 10 000 wood and 10 000 iron.
It is often more profitable to have your equipment repaired before dismantling, especially for weapon/armour of the ordinary rarity.
Dismantling a weapon/armor is free.