About cards and packs

Where can I buy packs of heroes?

Can I predict in advance what cards will be in the pack I’m planning to purchase?

Click on the image of the pack or simply hover over it. The field "immutable attributes" contains the description and probability of getting a certain card. Please note that if it says "contains unique cards", it means that inside there are only cards with a multiplier of x1.1. Consequently, if it says "cards" (without any prefixes), then there are only heroes with a multiplier x1.0 inside.

How to open a pack?

To unpack, you need to follow one of the links:
The first option is NeftyBlocks The second option is AtomicHub​

After unpacking, there are no cards on the wallet / an error occurred while unpacking

Don't panic! Nothing just disappears in the blockchain. Your cards are most likely in the Unclaimed section.

In which packs can I find heroes x1.1?

In packs: Knyaz pack, Druzhinnik pack, Craftsman pack, Boyar pack. Now they are sold only on the secondary market, use this link for easy navigation.

Can I sell my cards along with the accumulated experience?

Yes, all information on the card is recorded. A display of the accumulated experience will soon appear on the marketplace, and unfortunately, this is not yet visible when selling on Atomic. When you enter into the game a card that has been upgraded before, the level of accumulated experience will be displayed on the card page (in the inventory).