Сommon questions and Socials

Can I create multiple accounts and use them individually?

This is permissible. But please note that you cannot transfer cards from one account to another for the purpose of resetting the state of energy (and thereby getting the opportunity for endless campaigns). In case of violation of this rule, both cards and tokens of accounts that tried to abuse this action will be blocked. The user gets banned.

Where can I negotiate the trade of cards directly with other players?

An unofficial telegram chat created at the initiative of active players

If, nevertheless, there are incomprehensible moments, you can always ask any question in our chats. Or just relax, because we have the most friendly community and gregarious admins:

Telegram-chat: https://t.me/pagangods
Telegram-chat RU: https://t.me/pagangods_ru
Portuguese: https://t.me/pagangods_pt​

How can I stay up to date with the regular updates and contests of the project?

We highly recommend subscribing and keeping useful resources close at hand:
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